Positive Emotions Programme for Schizophrenia (PEPS)

The Positive Emotions Programme for Schizophrenia (PEPS) is a group programme designed to reduce anhedonia and apathy by increasing cognitive control of positive emotions. The programme consists of eight one-hour sessions, administered using multimedia material (visual and audio) presented in the form of PowerPoint files projected onto a screen. Groups are made up of 5 to 10 participants. Each session begins with a welcome and a relaxation or meditation exercise. In the second session, the facilitators review the home task that was prescribed at the end of the previous session. The session continues with a challenge to a defeatist belief, followed by the learning of a skill to improve the anticipation, maintenance, increase or re-actualisation of positive emotions. The session ends with the prescription of a task for the following session. The skills taught are: savouring the pleasant experience, expressing emotions behaviourally, capitalising on positive moments and anticipating pleasant moments.

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